Favorite Rap Songs of 2021 (So Far)

I may be the least engaged with rap this year than I ever remember. My excitement for a few scenes like Detroit and L.A. have now cooled down from release being exact to my expectations. What’s keeping me going for the former is a more chaotic shake-up like YN Jay, whose flow just evolves beyond my imaginations every time I check up on the guy. I also don’t feel as compelled to check out entire project anymore, maybe because I’m too busy keeping up with other things.

Sorry to start off like this, but I did manage to put together a list of favorites:

Bonus: Favorite Rap/Hip Hop (so far), Asia

  • Daichi Yamamoto:Simple” (ft. Shaka Bose)
  • DJ CHARI & DJ TATSUKI:Buttobi” (ft. Hideyoshi, OSAMI, Young Dalu & Big Mike)
  • DJ KANJI:Smash!!!” (ft. LEX, HIYADAM, Y’S)
  • DJ RYOW:kill shit men” (ft. dodo)
  • Dongurizu:E-jan
  • Gill:Len
  • gummyboy:game” (ft. Gokou Kuyt)
  • Huh!:uh-uh” (ft. Kid Milli, Gaeko)
  • hyunis1000:RUN
  • Kid Milli & dress:Face & Mask” (ft. ron)
  • Jigsaw Story:ก้นติดพื้น” (ft. Tobii, Lomax, 16 Lambo, TARVETHZ)
  • kZm:Aquarius Heaven
  • LAZYLOXY x MILLI:ลำพัง
  • Leon Fanourakis:COMPANY” (ft. LEX)
  • Lyrical School:Fantasy
  • Neibiss:Chameleon
  • Neon Nonthana & Liza:bat life
  • Only U:OK!
  • STARKIDS:KUJYO CYPHER” (ft. Edward, rirugiliyangugili, Yokai Jaki)
  • STUTS & Takako Matsu with 3exes:Presence (Remix)” (ft. T-Pablow, Daichi Yamamoto, NENE, BIM, Kid Fresino)
  • T-Bobby & CashTrippy:No Brakes
  • TARVETHZ:Go Hok” (ft. RachYO)
  • Umeda Cypher:Big Jumbo Jet” (ft. OSCA, KennyDoes, KOPERU, ILL SWAG, GAGA, Taurin, Funk & TakeEm)
  • YUNGZU:No Gang” (ft. Younggu, DIAMOND MQT & TARVETHZ)
  • Zoomgals:Immoron” (ft. Dos Monos)

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