Favorite Mandopop Songs, 2020

Out of all the scenes of music I will list my favorites for, Mandopop is the one I am clueless about. I have no grasp on the narratives of that scene nor do I have any context on these artists. Honestly, I just kept on clicking on music videos on YouTube, and the algorithms gave me more of where they came from; I saved a good enough amount of the results throughout the year to make this plentiful list. All I can really tell you about these songs is that they sound good one way or another — and hey, that’s been enough for me to keep checking the music out.

The list is in alphabetical order. If I had to choose a number one, it would be anything Julia Wu has done this year — she has not missed. My runner-ups are RĒD°芮德 and Sabrina Lo, who both make more low-key R&B.

You can listen to these picks on this Spotify playlist.

  1. Amber An: 來追我男友吧
  2. Aoi Mushi:Tshi Ui Pi Kua
  3. Baby Cindy:Shattered
  4. Betty Wu:25
  5. Bunny Zhang:Bunny
  6. Cai Zi (ft. Boon Hui Lu): Sunny Day
  7. CCTyouknow, Kyra Z, XMZ: Alive
  8. Cindy Yen: 21 Days
  9. Clan Duan Aojuan (ft. Boy Story):元気满分
  10. Danson Tang:Down
  11. Della & Cindy Yen: Want Me
  12. DUF (ft. ZeoWater): 不會再為妳
  13. Feanna Wong: Who Am I
  14. Gemma Wu: Me, Myself & Gemma
  15. Hebe Tien: You Should Know About It
  16. Howard Lee:Loser
  17. INHON (ft. HowZ):Burning
  18. Jace Chan:天生二品
  19. Janice Yan (ft. J.Sheon):Happily Ever After
  20. Jasmine Sokko (ft. VaVa): Girls
  21. Jiang Jing: Soul Searching
  22. Julia Wu (ft. Kimberley Chen):Better
  23. Karencici: ihateyou1000
  24. Kimberley Chen: 4AM Calls
  25. Mei Qi:Mute
  26. Ń7ä (ft. ABAO & R.fu): Zaljum
  27. Nana Ouyang:Tell Me You Do Too
  28. PeachA1J & ZZ: Freak
  29. Rainie Yang & Cyndi Wang: Girls
  30. RĒD°芮德: Take It Slow
  31. Sabrina Lo (ft. HowZ): Offline
  32. Sammy: No More
  33. Shallow Levee: Albatross
  34. Sharon Kwan: You Asked for It
  35. Shi Shi: Not Enough
  36. Sunset Rollercoaster: Under the Skin
  37. TIAB (ft. Goatak): Their Eyes
  38. Victoria Song: Up to Me
  39. YELLOW: Hunger Game
  40. Yo Lee:If Only You Could Love Me



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