Favorite K-pop Singles, 2020

50 favorites from K-pop with some sort of video

K-pop music is getting harder and harder to rank for me as the years go by. I just hoard so much music so there’s a lot to revisit come time for list season, but there’s also so much variety that it feels pointless holding up a R&B soloist against an idol group, a rapper, and whatever Crystal Tea is. So, yes, some choices here, I don’t even know if I can call it K-pop without stretching the definition, but that’s why the scene keeps being so exciting to me: there’s still so much to explore and discover.

Here are 50 songs I liked from the K-pop scene. Here is a Spotify playlist of all the songs.

  1. Everglow:La Di Da
  2. SF9:Good Guy
  3. Weki Meki:Cool
  4. UNVS (ft. room102):Solar Eclipse
  5. Crush (ft. Joy):Mayday
  6. Crystal Tea:There There
  7. Weeekly:Tag Me (@ Me)
  8. GXXD (ft. MOON & Blase):Choom Sa Wee
  9. XUM:Ddalala
  10. ENOi:W.A.Y. (Where Are You)
  11. BoA:Better
  12. Itzy:Wannabe
  13. Swervy (ft. Paloalto):Why
  14. GFriend:Mago
  15. Sumin (ft. Dbo):Sayx3
  16. LUCY:Jogging
  17. Twice:I Can’t Stop Me
  18. Treasure:Boy
  19. IZ*ONE:Panorama
  20. Se So Neon:Nan Chun
  21. CSVC:No Mercy
  22. MRSHLL (ft. Queen Wa$abii): Do U
  23. Uneducated Kid, Northfacegawd, Flavordash, Futuristic Swaver:Don’t Care
  24. April:Lalalilala
  25. Oceanfromtheblue (ft. BLOO):Girl
  26. Xydo (ft. pH-1): Betting
  27. Apink:Dumhdurum
  28. Jenyer (ft. Kimmuseum):Bad
  29. Chai (ft. SAAY):Gimme That
  30. Soovi (ft. pH-1):Make the Move
  31. Yuzion:I’m Never Going Back
  32. Punchnello (ft. Meenoi):Us
  33. Red Velvet Irene & Seulgi:Naughty
  34. Wonho: Open Mind
  35. BIBI: I’m Good at Goodbyes
  37. Minseo:No Good Girl
  38. Bobae:P.U.N.K.S.
  39. Moonbin & Sanha:Bad Idea
  40. DreamNote:Wish
  41. Woo:Used To
  42. Universe Mongae:Shower
  43. HYO (ft. Soyeon & Loopy):Dessert
  44. Chung Ha:Everybody Has
  45. VAV:Made for Two
  46. Silica Gel:Kyo181
  47. Poetic Narrator:We Need to Be Careful to Love
  48. Avokid:Timid
  49. Ha Sung Woon:Forbidden Island
  50. Yukika:Soul Lady




music, etc.

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Ryo Miyauchi

Ryo Miyauchi

music, etc.

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