Favorite Japanese Albums, 2020

50 favorite records from Japan

Instead of experiencing yet another headache from ranking titles— this is my seventh year-end list and fourth one that’s not organized alphabetically — I decided to get creative using this Topsters-generated grid as an inspiration. Each row is organized by a certain sound, style or vibe related to the album on the first column; each column loosely represents a different tier in terms of how much I liked the album. So, the seven on the first column you can say are my top 7 albums of the year, and I’m pretty confident with those choices.

Each title has a Spotify link. If you want songs or playlist of music from these records, I recommend you instead consult these year-end lists:

100 Favorite Japanese Songs: / |


ONE (1A — 1G)

TWO (2A — 2G)

THREE (3A — 3G)

FOUR (4A — 4G)

FIVE (5A — 5G)

SIX (6A — 6G)

SEVEN (7A — 7G)

music, etc.