Bandcamp Selects 2020

As a Sketch Pad by As a Sketch Pad

Air Balloon: Meltmore EP | electronic / pop

And No Time: And No Time EP | indie rock

Arne: Chronicle | indie rock

As a Sketch Pad: As a Sketch Pad | emo

Charlotte Is Mine: Someday in the Breakfast | indie rock / dream pop

Donut Real Elephant: Lucky / Spilt Milk | indie rock

Ekitai:Koe” | emo / indie rock

Fade Away by Graupel

Foursidewalks: Prayer | indie rock

Graupel: Fade Away | metalcore

The Guays: Akirameru Koto Wo Akirametanda | indie rock / garage rock

i-fls: perplexity & doubtful | synth pop

Itachi Gokko: Naked Room | indie rock

ItoShin: Baby | house

Kudaranai 1nichi: Kudaranai 1nichi | emo

Lang: Cahier | indie rock / post-hardcore

Limonene: Sour Salty Realism | electro-pop

Lop Abuse on Somebody: Hymn | post-rock / math rock

Low Vision: Stand Against | punk / hardcore

“Cream” by macominaming

macominaming:Cream” | pop

Military Shadow: Blood for Freedom | speed metal

Mogro: Cemetry Gates | emo / math rock

Nagasawa’s Onion: 19 EP | emo

Native Rapper: Magnet | electro-funk / hip hop

Once Grace Forever: Live Today | shoegaze

Opus Inn:Orange Sunshine” | retro funk

Ponies: Back and Forth | indie rock

Power Hitters: Bastard’s Degree | pop punk

As Time Goes By by Soha

RADIOBUG: Million Miles Away | pop punk

Regrets Are Killing Me: My Own Carelessness | post-hardcore

SARI: a u se | pop

Soha: As Time Goes By | indie rock / math rock

Swimming Sheep:New Blanket” (ft. Mellow Blush) | electronic / pop

Togaru: Sandou Furyou | indie rock / emo

Tsudio Studio:Promise of Summer” (ft. HALLCA)| pop

Turning Center: Wither | indie rock / post-hardcore

Wata Igarashi: Traveling | techno / electro

Yes Means No: Even Though / Quietly | indie rock




music, etc.

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Ryo Miyauchi

Ryo Miyauchi

music, etc.

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