I may be the least engaged with rap this year than I ever remember. My excitement for a few scenes like Detroit and L.A. have now cooled down from release being exact to my expectations. What’s keeping me going for the former is a more chaotic shake-up like YN Jay…

Japanese favorites from my wishlist for Bandcamp Friday

As a Sketch Pad by As a Sketch Pad

Air Balloon: Meltmore EP | electronic / pop

And No Time: And No Time EP | indie rock

Arne: Chronicle | indie rock

As a Sketch Pad: As a Sketch Pad | emo

Charlotte Is Mine: Someday in the Breakfast | indie rock / dream pop

Donut Real Elephant: Lucky…

Built with songs from Last.fm scrobbles from Sept-Dec. 2007

I don’t know why I am expecting anyone to be disappointed that I did not know anything about music when I was 14, though I do feel like many of my friends and peers had a lot better perception of music than I did at that age! I am…

50 favorite records from Japan

Instead of experiencing yet another headache from ranking titles— this is my seventh year-end list and fourth one that’s not organized alphabetically — I decided to get creative using this Topsters-generated grid as an inspiration. Each row is organized by a certain sound, style or vibe related to the album…

50 favorites from K-pop with some sort of video

K-pop music is getting harder and harder to rank for me as the years go by. I just hoard so much music so there’s a lot to revisit come time for list season, but there’s also so much variety that it feels pointless holding up a R&B soloist against an…

Here’s 50.

Alphabetical order. Here’s a Spotify playlist of the songs.

  1. 1TakeJay (ft. Glockboyz Teejae & OnFully):7 Days a Week
  3. AzChike (ft. FrostyDaSnowmann):1UP
  4. Bizzy Banks:Top 5
  5. Bktherula:Summer
  6. BlueBucksClan DJ & Jeeezy (ft. Cash Kidd):Aaron Judge
  7. Boldy James & The Alchemist:Slow Roll
  8. Bris (ft. EBK…

25 favorite rock albums not from Japan

My music-listening and music-searching drastically shifted focus to Japanese music this year because, well, that’s what happens when you run a biweekly newsletter about Japanese music. Priorities naturally changed, and one big casualty was rock music not from Japan. I kinda want to say certain types of records brought diminishing…

Favorite records from house, techno, ambient, etc.

Here’s 50, plus Bandcamp links to almost all of them

40 of the year’s favorite in Mandopop

Out of all the scenes of music I will list my favorites for, Mandopop is the one I am clueless about. I have no grasp on the narratives of that scene nor do I have any context on these artists. Honestly, I just kept on clicking on music videos on…

How does the TV world of Remote Love look after the coronavirus? Surprisingly normal.

The streets are full of masked faces in the first few minutes of Remote Love. Hands are thoroughly sanitized, and distance is respectfully taken among co-workers. These scenes shouldn’t look foreign for anyone going out in public since the global spread of COVID-19, especially for those who have returned to…

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